Manufacturers of Quality Agricultural Equipment

Diller Ag (formerly Edenville Equipment) is a division of Extreme Manufacturing. Diller Equipment began building wagons in south-central PA near here in 1986. Edenville Equipment purchased this business from the founder in 1994.

Our mission has been to build top quality equipment at reasonable prices for you to use on your farm for many years to come.

As you browse our web site check out our hay wagons. We build square bale wagons, round bale wagons and flat bed wagons. We mount these wagons on our own Diller chassis giving you a quality built wagon from ground up that will serve you for many years.

If you are a cattleman check out our cattle feeders. We have many models of feeders for every size operation. Our customers tell us that with our feeders, feed waste is reduced to near zero. With soaring feed cost you cannot afford to waste valuable feed.

For more info on our products please contact us or call us at 1-800-523-8002.

See our Dealer List for an equipment dealer in your area.