Diller Industrial Equipment

Diller Industrial manufactures construction wagons, material haulers, equipment carriers, and custom transport chassis for commercial and industrial applications. From pre-configured standard and heavy duty flatbeds to custom designed & built cargo transporting solutions placed on our superior heavy-duty and dependable chassis, you can be confident that choosing Diller Industrial to support your material & equipment handling needs is the right choice for your company.

Standard Duty Flatbed Wagons

Heavy Duty Flatbed Wagons

Heavy Duty Running Gear

Why Diller?

Our Reputation - We have nearly 30 years of experience manufacturing some of the most durable and dependable farm equipment in the industry.

Diller's industry exclusive 3 year warranty

Diller products are Made in the USA from components sourced here in the USA and fabricated by skilled craftsmen.

Diller also offers in house design experience to suit any need or situation

Better materials = better quality = the backbone of the Diller Legacy

How do we compare? The Competition Diller Industrial
Wagon Bed Frames Uses formed channel or wooden frame rails. Every Diller wagon bed starts with a frame of structural channel steel.
Wagon Beds Has deck boards laid over the frame rails OR lightweight formed C-channel crossmembers Every Diller wagon bed uses a network of structural channel crossmembers spanning the frame.
The Chassis Typically uses a single coupling pole that won't tow as straight. Diller wagon chassis lead the way with double coupling pole design for increased strength and straight towing.
Components Varies Diller uses higher grade components (heavier spindles per class, greasable hubs, Aurora Bearings tie-rod ends, etc.)
Paint/Finish Often uses lesser quality powder coating or single-stage paints. Every Diller component goes through a phosphate wash system to eliminate contaminants and etch the steel surface for better primer adhesion. After the epoxy primer has bonded to the steel, a 2-part Polyurethane finish coat is applied offering best in class corrosion resistance