Diller Custom Cargo Transporters

Diller Industrial can design a custom wagon or transport solution specific to your business' needs. We start with our tough, dependable heavy duty Diller chassis which can be customized to fit your specific needs.

We can engineer the build from start to finish, or we can build from your supplied blueprints and specs.

Below are a few examples of some custom cargo handling solutions that we have built for our customers.

20 Ton Industrial Duty Flatbed Wagons

This customer was looking for trailers or wagons to use on a construction site to move heavy concrete castings. For their job site, they needed off road towing capability and were concerned that using tractor-trailers would present reliability issues in muddy off-road conditions. By employing large wheel loaders as tow vehicles they were able to perform double duty using the front loader to handle the materials as well as transporting the wagon. Each wagon ran on a set of super single truck tires providing ample floatation over the soft soil. Heavy duty 40,000lb single rear chassis with oscillating pintle hitches allowed the wagons to articulate through the rough terrain. Topping each wagon off was a heavy duty bed constructed of structural channel, with oak decking and stake pocket rub-rail for securing loads.

Diller Supplied Blueprints and Specs

Shipping Container Transporters

This particular customer was looking for a trailer or wagon to move shipping containers around at a maintenance terminal. The small tugger they were using to move the containers didn't have tongue weight capacity that would allow a traditional trailer, so they selected a wagon style chassis with front and rear axles. The frame was 40' long and featured twistlock container mounting brackets on all four corners. An extended tongue allowed oversize containers to overhang the frame giving the customer flexibility to haul different size containers.

Diller Supplied Blueprints and Specs

Mobile Hull Blasting Transporters

This custom build was designed specifically to transport and shot blast the stripped hulls of RG-33 MRAP's. The foundation of this unit was a wagon style chassis with a 30,000lb capacity and a safety factor of 2x. Super single truck tires were mounted on 15,000lb hubs with shielded grease seals and bearings to reduce the wear associated from repeated sand and shot blasting exposure. The frame was designed with attachment points for modular support brackets that held the units in place.

Built to Customer Supplied Blueprints and Specifications

Airport Flatbed Wagons

This build went to a government contractor responsible for aviation maintenance at a government airport. They initially wanted flatbed trailers to haul pallets of parts & equipment, but they decided to go with traditional wagon running gears and flatbeds because of the ease of use and the quick parking of a wagon versus unhooking trailers and cranking jack stands. Their wagons were standard duty flatbeds with 8 ton running gears.

Diller Supplied Blueprints and Specs

8 Ton Flatbed Wagons

This customer was a warehousing company looking for mobile storage solutions. They required standard flatbeds with pipe pockets to act as a guardrail around the sides of the wagon bed to keep material from rolling off. They also specified safety red tongues on their units to meet union safety requirements at their location. Standard duty 8 Ton running gears were used as the rolling chassis on their mobile material handling platforms.

Diller Supplied Blueprints and Specs

14 Ton Flatbed Wagons

This customer was looking for a mobile platform for a high-pressure washing system. The platform was customizable for multiple systems and had the room to accommodate a large water tank as well. The customer chose a 16' long heavy duty flatbed with 24" Crossmember spacing similar to that found on a semi-trailer. The wagon bed featured recessed LED lighting to meet DOT requirements for low light conditions. The chassis selected was a 14-Ton tandem running gear which was more than adequate for the weight carrying capacity and also served to smooth out the ride and stabilize the load as it traveled over rough terrain.

Diller Supplied Blueprints and Specs

Bin Transport Wagons

This particular customer was looking for a multi-use flatbed that could be quickly & easily be converted from a bin transport wagon to a plain flatbed. A heavy duty flatbed with stake pocket rubrail makes up the main deck. Front and rear bulkheads limit cargo from sliding off the bed when stopping and starting. A series of removable dividers were built to slip into the stake pocket rubrail and plastic produce bins would slide between the dividers. The flatbed features recessed LED lighting for road travel, towed behind a pickup truck or a tractor. The chassis was a 10 Ton running gear with 9" electric brakes and DOT legal radial street tires.

Built to Customer Supplied Blueprints and Specifications