Diller Standard Flatbed Wagon
Standard Flatbed Wagon

A Diller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon will serve in many different capacities on your farm, ranch or even a commercial jobsite. Diller Wagons have long been highly regarded for their durability and smooth trailing ride, the Diller standard duty flatbed is no exception to the Diller legacy of quality.

Diller's Standard Duty Series Flatbeds are practical for many uses such as hand stacking small square bales, stacking small squares with a bale accumulator system, hauling round bales and even as a storage solution for miscellaneous equipment on a farm or construction site. Many of our standard duty flatbeds are used in produce growers operations and are ideal for that purpose with the option of a short perimeter rail system to secure boxes or crates of produce.

Every Diller Standard Duty Flatbed can be quickly converted to a bale wagon with the addition of a Diller Steel Bale Side Kit which drops into the pockets on the formed steel sides of the bed. Detachable front and rear bulkheads are a popular option to prevent the load from shifting during braking or acceleration. Safety upgrades, such as lights kits and brakes are becoming more common on Diller Wagons today.


Every Diller Standard Duty flatbed begins its construction with a sturdy frame of structural steel channel (6" or 8" depending on wagon size and application) which distributes a heavy load evenly.


Rather than laying wood deck boards over the frame, every Diller Standard Duty Flatbed utilizes a layer of 3" structural channel crossmembers spanning the frame, evenly distributing weight from the deck onto the frame.


Sturdy steel side rails of 12 gauge formed sheet metal make up the perimeter of the wagon with recessed "Kicker Rack" pockets for steel bale sides.


Pressure treated pine is the standard decking material, for those customers looking for a more durable, longer lasting decking surface we offer Oak or 4# steel grating (3x the strength of expanded metal) which will last the lifetime of the wagon.

Standard Features

  • 100% Steel Body Construction
  • High Strength Structural Channel Used for Frame
  • 3" Structural Steel Channel Crossmembers
  • 5" High, 12 Gauge Steel Formed Side Rails with Pockets for Steel Bale Racks (Sold Separately)
  • Pressure Treated 2"x8" Decking
  • Epoxy Primer
  • Diller Green or Diller Red Polyurethane Paint


  • Bale Wagon Side Rack Kit
  • Front and Rear Bulkheads (Bolt On)
  • Oak Decking
  • 4# Steel Grate Decking
  • LED Ag Light Kit w/7Pin Plug (mounts to bulkheads)
Diller 3 Year Warranty


Diller Ag offers a complete 3 year warranty on all products. This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship and is effective from the date the end user takes delivery of their new unit. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part(s) that, in the opinion of Diller Ag, shall be proven defective in materials and/or workmanship under normal use and service.

Normal wear items are not covered by this warranty. Modification to the original design of the unit may void warranty. Warranty is valid only to the original owner.

Warranty claims must be made through an authorized Diller dealer. The dealer must call our warranty department for authorization for any warranty work to be performed. Failure to get prior authorization may result in unpaid claims.

Diller Ag reserves the right to modify, without notice, specifications and/or designs to their product without incurring any obligation to owners of previously sold product.

Diller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon Diller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon Diller Standard Duty Flatbed WagonDiller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon Diller Standard Duty Flatbed WagonDiller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon Diller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon Diller Standard Duty Flatbed Wagon


Model Width Length Capacity Crossmembers Frame Chassis
FB-816 100" 16' 14,000# 5 6"C x 8.2# *Chassis sold separately
FB-818 100" 18' 16,000# 6 6"C x 8.2# *Chassis sold separately
FB-820 100" 20' 18,000# 6 6"C x 8.2# *Chassis sold separately
FB-918 108" 18' 16,000# 6 6"C x 8.2# *Chassis sold separately
FB-920 108" 20' 18,000# 6 6"C x 8.2# *Chassis sold separately
FB-924 108" 24' 20,000# 7 8"C x 11.5# *Chassis sold separately
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